Anti-Oppression and Beyond: Improving Practices


This class intends to provide persyns desiring to be critical of Anti-Oppression practice with an avenue for safe-space discussions in order to improve and put into practice its theoretical tones. We hope to focus the class on the topics of Privilege, Identity Politics and Harm-Reduction in order to improve Anti-Oppression practice by way of generating conversations stemming from personal experience. Please note that this conversation is not intended to dismantle Anti-Oppression, we agree with Anti-Oppression; we merely hope to improve these practices by making them follow from experiences.

Please email Torontofreeskool@gmail.com to sign up for this biweekly class!


September 2011 Call Out for Classes!

In September 2011, the Toronto Free School will be launching its third (ongoing) semester of community-based education and skill-sharing. In order to build community and inspire resistance, we’re looking for new class proposals!

We are seeking any and all proposals, and if you’re interested in hosting or facilitating conversations or classes, workshops, skills-shares, movie nights, etc., we’re interested in connecting you with others who share similar interests and a passion for informal, cooperative learning.

We’re happy to accept proposals that reflect our anti-oppressive, egalitarian, and accessible guiding principles. Of particular interest to us this semester are classes that facilitate challenging political discussions vital to our communities–whether smashing Patriarchy, establishing constructive conversations between Green and Red, going beyond Anti-Oppression 101, or challenging the liberalizing tendencies of the state apparatus–and classes that help build movement-knowledge. We’re also excited about facilitating moments of play that help to dealienate experiences!  If you have thoughts or ideas around these broad themes (as well as ideas outside of these suggestions), please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

We’re aiming to have the next round of classes start late-September. There’s no deadline for class proposals, but in order for us to plan outreach and promotion effectively, we’re asking that proposals be submitted by September 15, 2011. In other words, we see this project as ongoing, starting at any time. Please email them to torontofreeskool[at]gmail.com.

Support offered to facilitators from the Free School collective:

–  Promotional support, including website updates, event listings, mailing lists, postering, word of mouth, and more.

–  Logistical support – eg. in finding free and suitable space, obtaining A/V equipment, etc.

–   Modest budget for materials such as handouts and photocopies, or other supplies needed for class (eg. food ingredients for a cooking class)

–  Facilitation guidance/pointers for inexperienced facilitators.

–  Community events to bring together Free Schoolers and build community resilience through learning projects

What proposals should include:

–  A class topic, title, and description, and a brief pitch outlining how it relates to the TFS guiding principles (see https://torontofreeskool.wordpress.com/about/) – there’s a lot there, we’re flexible about it.

–  Frequency: is it a one-time workshop, a monthly class, or a weekly class?

–  Day of Week/Time: when will it be scheduled? Monday evenings? Saturday afternoons?

–   Space: What would be ideal space for your class? A classroom, a community space, your own living room?

–   Materials: Would you need anything from us for your class?

–   Any other questions or concerns you might have.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Men and Patriarchy Discussion Group Inviting New Members to Join

Next Meeting/New Members Meeting:

Thursday, August 4th


251 Hallam St.

The Men and Patriarchy reading and discussion group, which began as part of Toronto Free School’s spring semester, is continuing throughout the summer and into the fall. Our goal is to support each other, as men, in developing an analysis of the way patriarchy affects our lives and relationships, examining how male privilege influences our behaviour, and putting into practice our pro-feminist ideals. We are inviting anybody self-identifying as male to join us for biweekly discussions on topics related to sexism, patriarchy, gender, and feminism. No previous or in-depth knowledge of these topics is needed, we are looking to support all members in coming to understand these issues regardless of experience or background. The group operates non-hierarchically and on rotating facilitation model; each class is led by a different member, on themes chosen based on what individuals are struggling with or what the group agrees is important for any given meeting. We are, however, asking that new members commit to a “semester” long period of 3-4 months where we can count on their consistent and whole-hearted participation. The “second semester” will run from August – November.

Please contact maptoronto@gmail.com if you have questions or would like to participate.

–Men and Patriarchy class members


Introducing Toronto Free School!

Introducing Toronto Free School!

Free School is a do-it-yourself community learning project that veers away from tuition and bureaucrats to imagine and create the kind of world we want to live in, premised on utopian visions of cooperation and mutual support.  Free School is inspired by anarchist philosophy, anti-oppression, consensus and egalitarianism.  We believe in sharing skills, ideas and curiosities outside of state and capitalist institutions, free of prohibitive costs, grades, and hierarchy.  Free School is a project in liberatory learning fuelled by love.

Come learn with us!  We’ve got a whole bunch of amazing classes and workshops starting up this fall—Discuss radical elements in popular fiction, alternative sexualities, animal liberation, cook up delicious vegan meals, and share knitting skills, among other options.  For our most up to date list of classes and workshops check out our website: torontofreeskool.wordpress.com/classes… See something you like?  Email the facilitator directly for more information or to enroll in the course.  Something missing from our class list that you’d like to facilitate?  Email us a proposal!

See you in the streets!  And the classrooms!

Love & Rage,

~~Toronto Free School


Call out for New Classes!

Hey Future Free Schoolers!!

Toronto Free School is a super amazing experiment in liberatory learning, and we’re looking for new classes for Fall 2010!

Email your proposed classes or workshops to torontofreeskool@gmail.com!  Please include a class title, facilitator, facilitator contact, a brief description of the class, frequency, and your ideal time and space needs.

love & rage,

~~the toronto free school organizers