Men and Patriarchy Discussion Group Inviting New Members to Join

Next Meeting/New Members Meeting:

Thursday, August 4th


251 Hallam St.

The Men and Patriarchy reading and discussion group, which began as part of Toronto Free School’s spring semester, is continuing throughout the summer and into the fall. Our goal is to support each other, as men, in developing an analysis of the way patriarchy affects our lives and relationships, examining how male privilege influences our behaviour, and putting into practice our pro-feminist ideals. We are inviting anybody self-identifying as male to join us for biweekly discussions on topics related to sexism, patriarchy, gender, and feminism. No previous or in-depth knowledge of these topics is needed, we are looking to support all members in coming to understand these issues regardless of experience or background. The group operates non-hierarchically and on rotating facilitation model; each class is led by a different member, on themes chosen based on what individuals are struggling with or what the group agrees is important for any given meeting. We are, however, asking that new members commit to a “semester” long period of 3-4 months where we can count on their consistent and whole-hearted participation. The “second semester” will run from August – November.

Please contact maptoronto@gmail.com if you have questions or would like to participate.

–Men and Patriarchy class members


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