Animal Liberation

A course covering an introduction to animal liberation, it’s history, current implications and future. There will be discussions looking into how the exploitation of animals is ingrained into our capitalist society, and how speciesism is interconnected with all other oppressions such as sexism, racism and classism. Classes will use a variety of media including fiction and non-fiction books, poetry, and visual arts. Guides to effective activism for animals, being a good ally and how to avoid burn out will also be covered.

Capital Reading Group

A reading group where we can discuss Marx’s Capital and how/if we can use it to understand present-day conditions, also how can we oppose them in ways that will help our society as a whole to move beyond capitalism. We are committed to an anti-sectarian approach to discussion, welcoming both anarchists and Marxists, people from revolutionary traditions that aren’t based on dead white guys, people who are just starting to be interested in anti-capitalist ideas. We also believe that this should be much more than just an academic discussion of Capital, but should discuss how we can use Marx’s work to understand our present-day lived experience from a critical and revolutionary perspective as well as how we can use it to understand present-day revolutionary strategy. The course is being co-facilitated by Megan Kinch and Micheal Romandel, but is being run on a open model where course participants facilitate particular classes according to their interests.

Free Software

A casual weekly meetup and discussion of the free software movement, how
free software can be used by technies and non-techies alike as an
alternative to non-free and proprietary software, as well as hands-on
use of GNU/Linux operating systems and other free software. Attendees
can bring their own computers, or take software home to install on their
own and then bring questions back to the class.


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