With the advent of books like Deep Green Resistance, and the general popularity of Derrick Jensen, it would seem that the primitivist/ green anarchist/ anti-civ critique is gaining popularity and momentum. Yet, its inchoate presence is not met with admiration and respect; on the contrary, many are talking and dismissing.

This course is part of a project; an ongoing project of figuring out how critiques stemming from erudite primitivist philosophers can be seen as part of an overall anarchist project. So rather than assuming that such criticisms are legitimate in advance, we hope to discuss certain issues with theoretical primitivism, and especially come to terms with its failures and counter-arguments. Moreover, in order to branch out beyond our sympathizers, we will be joining another anarchist reading group, a more particularly anarcho-syndicalist reading group, in just a few months time to read Kropotkin’s Mutual Aid, as well as any other texts that strike all participants as relevant to building bridges. As a caveat we of course understand that there are deal-breakers between these two differences; but perhaps, fortuitously, we will ignite a fire of solidarity and, in turn, learn about our own individuated realities.

In order to understand or come to terms with that which stands for green anarchism this course proposes readings by John Zerzan, and Kevin Tucker—and any others that may spark interest, including Derrick Jensen; and then, much later, in order to move towards synthetic appropriations, in order to be positioned to understand where other anarchists are coming from, this course proposes reading Murray Bookchin, Judy Bari, and David Watson.

If you would like to know more about Green Anarchism, and would like to sift through some of this literature with others of like mind, please contact us! (Torontofreeskool@gmail.com)


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