First Class: Thursday, March 3rd, 7pm

Schedule: Recurring biweekly.

Class type: Ongoing discussion group / requires attendance from first class onwards.

Location: contact facilitator for more details.

facilitated by Kalin: kalax.the.1st[at]

Men and Patriarchy is an eight-session class for male-identified people willing to explore the manifestations of patriarchy and sexism in our lives and together building a stronger male (pro)feminism. The class will provide a space for discussions rarely held by/for those who benefit from gender oppression and carry male privilege. I am hoping we will look at both systemic and (inter)personal sites of patriarchy and oppression. It is hoped that everyone who attends will be prepared to participate as fully as possible, being honest open and supportive of each other. The class will also ask participants to read, critically reflect on their own life experiences, write short reflections, and (hopefully) share them with the group. As the initiator of the class, I am proposing a framework of collective growth and reciprocal support rather than a teacher-student dynamic.   The themes and process for the class are only suggestions and mostly flexible/negotiable; the first class will set ground rules and incorporate the input of everyone who comes to the circle with additional topics, activities, or methods they’d like the group to consider.


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