Introduction to Reasoning.

Ever wonder how to construct better arguments, or perhaps, how an argument functions in everyday discourse? Have you ever felt manipulated in an argument or debate, and wondered why?

In order to sharpen our skills of reasoning, in order to empower ourselves by improving our ability to hone language into providing reasons (rationality), this series of weekly workshops will focus on rediscovering the ancient art of rhetoric – an art that has been long relegated to the advertising apparatus.

The best rhetoricians in ancient Greece and Rome saw persuading an audience to accept a position as a matter of movement, or a spiritual exercise. These rhetoricians sought to use the best means at their disposal to encourage potential and actual interpreters (willingly) adopt the positions they put forth. We intend to follow this model.

We will provide access to logical and rhetorical discourse, in order to help individuals become better accustomed to the idea of persuasion – so that they can, on the one hand, notice how they are being manipulated to adopt ends, as well as discover better tools to produce their own propaganda. We intend to practice learned techniques by reading texts and analyzing effective examples of propaganda.

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