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Introducing Toronto Free School!

Introducing Toronto Free School!

Free School is a do-it-yourself community learning project that veers away from tuition and bureaucrats to imagine and create the kind of world we want to live in, premised on utopian visions of cooperation and mutual support.  Free School is inspired by anarchist philosophy, anti-oppression, consensus and egalitarianism.  We believe in sharing skills, ideas and curiosities outside of state and capitalist institutions, free of prohibitive costs, grades, and hierarchy.  Free School is a project in liberatory learning fuelled by love.

Come learn with us!  We’ve got a whole bunch of amazing classes and workshops starting up this fall—Discuss radical elements in popular fiction, alternative sexualities, animal liberation, cook up delicious vegan meals, and share knitting skills, among other options.  For our most up to date list of classes and workshops check out our website:… See something you like?  Email the facilitator directly for more information or to enroll in the course.  Something missing from our class list that you’d like to facilitate?  Email us a proposal!

See you in the streets!  And the classrooms!

Love & Rage,

~~Toronto Free School


Call out for New Classes!

Hey Future Free Schoolers!!

Toronto Free School is a super amazing experiment in liberatory learning, and we’re looking for new classes for Fall 2010!

Email your proposed classes or workshops to!  Please include a class title, facilitator, facilitator contact, a brief description of the class, frequency, and your ideal time and space needs.

love & rage,

~~the toronto free school organizers